Discount Suit Company, Spitalfields, London

This review was first published on  Social Concierge

This review was first published on Social Concierge

The Vibe

In the very creative heart of London lies Old Spitalfields market, which is now becoming a sleek Manhattanite offering with sparkly new flats alongside the old school market shops. The area is buzzing and offers something to see for everyone; from quirky shops to art galleries and skyscrapers, it makes for a brilliantly diverse backdrop to a date.

Now, for the bar itself.  From the outside, you can only see an old sign that reads: Discount Suit Company, which for London history buffs like my date is already a plus. This is the area where all fabric used to be bought to make beautiful suits. And the attention to detail doesn’t end there, through the tiny entrance and past a speakeasy-vibe curtained door, the bar has one of the best atmospheres I have come across of late. It’s all about the exposed brick walls, clever suffused lighting and wonderful music at the perfect volume with big comfy seating or cosy bar stools. This place screams date, we instantly felt intimate and warm and happy to have found this little gem.

The Order

The menu is gorgeous (mini pegs!) and features some really interesting cocktails with ingredients and liquors that frankly, we have rarely ever encountered (if at all!) but they are also excellent at making something on the spot. Potent and delicious, all the cocktails are served with fresh fruit and garnishes in lovely glassware. I had a cocktail in a mini tankard which was very pleasing, not least for the novelty of holding a mini tankard. The cocktails are strong and sweet so prepare for the giddy rush that only sugar and alcohol can bring.

The Game

Depending on your style, choose from the plethora of restaurants to kick the evening off and then head to this bar for a nightcap. I recommend strolling down Brick Lane and eating somewhere along the way for a more relaxed evening. You won’t need an after plan to this little bar because you’ll no doubt be canoodling all the way home with your date.

The Faults

Steep stairs after a strong drink can be an obvious hazard so more of a word of warning. But honestly, there are no faults with this place. Loved it.

Sex Factor

5. I’ll have what she’s having.