Tromsø, Norway


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Witnessing the Northern Lights is probably on most people’s bucket list, and it was certainly on mine. Travelling far enough North to be able to see the light show put on by charged particles entering the atmosphere at millions of kilometers per hour and producing optical emissions needn’t be too effortous though – no camping in the snow and risking a frost bitten face necessary. We travelled to the lovely city of Tromsø in northern Norway for a weekend break, and it was brilliant.

Norwegian Air travels direct to Tromsø from London, making the journey to a far away island in the middle of the Arctic much less daunting. Once there, Norwegian efficiency and organisation reigns supreme; everybody is bilingual and everything works perfectly, even at -10°C. We caught a taxi from outside the airport and went straight to our hotel, The Edge Hotel, which is much nicer than its website portrays. Right on the water’s edge and with gorgeous Scandi design, we had a corner room with views over the city which was warm, so comfortable and generally great.

We grabbed dinner at The Kitchen & Table by Marcus Samulesson, which served possibly the best cod I have ever had the pleasure of eating and awesome local beer from the brewery up the road. The bar on the 11th floor has a great vibe with undeniably attractive locals chatting happily against the gorgeous backdrop of the lit-up Tromsø landscape, with the stunning Arctic Cathedral stealing the show.

The next day we wandered around the city and took in the scenery for the full 4 hours of daylight (!) before hitting an incredibly lovely restaurant called Emmas Drømmekjøkken for an early dinner. 7 courses of pure Norwegian delights such as reindeer filet, cauliflower and truffle soup and delightful homemade chocolatea made for a really special evening. After dinner we took the slightly old school looking cable car to the top of the highest mountain nearby and that’s where the real magic happened. One and a half hours of non-stop bright-as-lightning Northern Lights danced in front of us in the freezing cold winds at the top of the mountain. The Lights were so bright that we could actually still see them when we returned to our hotel later that night.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner people! Do something cool and take your loved one as far away from the gutter that is Hallmark cards and as close to the stars as possible.

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