Myla and Davis, Brixton, London

first reviewed on  Livincool

first reviewed on Livincool

Fashion week is coming up fast people, and nobody likes to have tired winter hair when everywhere shimmering model locks are gleaming. If you could do with a new ‘do but don’t want to look like a big hair salon chain prototype, head down to Brixton village where Myla & Davis have opened a new salon that likes to do things differently.

José is  the man you want to ask for – he will be honest about what will and what will not suit you. Not just because of the latest trend or a formulaic response to the haircut you want, but because he will actually tell you if a specific style won’t suit you because your hair is too frizzy (yes, that was to me. Luckily, I am well aware of my hirsute limitations and was not hurt by such honesty).

I am very grateful for his skill, his charm and the care taken over my hair cut, because too many hairdressers lie, rush and give you a style that looks more Sia on the Grammy red carpet than Brigitte Bardot in St. Tropez. Book in with him and check it out, then head back into central London to face the fashion crowd with extra flick in your hair.

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