Bravi Ragazzi, Streatham, London

Pizza dreams are made of this

Pizza dreams are made of this

Pizza is a wonderful thing. It's satisfying, tasty; different from other foods. Unless you are a student in a sitcom, you're unlikely to have pizza too often because let's face it - pizza should be a treat. I am an Italian girl from Rome who spent her summers growing up on the Amalfi coast and had Neapolitan next door neighbours. This means that my expectations of pizza are probably higher than most London girls, which is also why I rarely go out of my way to eat pizza here in London because, well, it's usually just not that special. 

I wouldn't say I was dragged to this hole in the wall pizzeria, but I probably would have skipped it if my lovely dad hadn't insisted I give it a go with him. To say that I thanked him for it afterward would be an understatement. Run by a bunch of Neapolitan guys and gals who may as well be the Italian version of the Friends cast, the menu is simple and the place is tiny. On a random little road in Streatham which is fast becoming part of the South London trendy area, Bravi Ragazzi offers up hand made, fresh pizzas made to order in a beautiful wood-fired oven and served on cheap but quirky furniture. 

But what makes it so different to say, Franco Manca or Pizza Pilgrims? I don't know how they do it but their pizza base, their dough is the lightest and most perfectly balanced I have had in a very very long time. Not in the slightest bit chewy and with ingredients so fresh and wonderful that you want to forgive the air miles they have accumulated by being flown over that morning, I left feeling positively happy and not in the slightest bit bloated, sleepy or doughy. 

To make matters even more appetising, their selection of desserts is handmade and genuinely perfect. The only place I have had real pastiera in London. I can't recommend it enough and I hope that the lovely team who run it keep up the awesome work so I can go back for more again, and again. They claim to be the best pizza in South London on their website, but I would extend that to the best in London without a shadow of a dough-t.