Past Projects

Many projects remain confidential due to the private nature of our clients. Below are some examples of successfully completed projects.


As the fitness and wellness industry continues to grow, Alessandro and Federica have helped to launch and consult on 2 exciting brands

L1 Performance in Leeds

L1 Performance in Leeds


1st International Conference of Primary Care and Public Health

The 1st International Conference of Primary Care and Public Health, was held at Imperial College London, United Kingdom, from the 29th to 31st of October 2015. 

The conference covered five central themes: Primary Care in the 21st Century, Ageing and Ageism, Children and Adolescences, Integrated Care, and Public Health in Primary Care. The programme comprised of keynote lectures, brief oral presentations and posters, featuring prominent figures as well as members of local communities from numerous global settings, including the UK, US, Middle East and Mauritius. Over 250 individuals attended from countries all over the world.

The importance of this conference was laid out in the opening remarks from Imperial College President Alice Gast together with Professor James Appleyard, President of the International College of Person Centred Medicine, Dr Derek Bell of NIHR CLAHRC NWL and His excellency Professor Ala Alwan Eastern Mediterranean Regional office for the WHO. The trans-boundary issues which threaten health warrant an international response, and events such as this conference are crucial for knowledge exchange and the planning of action.

A summary of the calls to action from the conference below and more information from each speaker can be found on the conference website

  1. Establish a shared goal of improvement in the health of the population through person and people centered care, taking into account biomedical, socio-cultural, psychological and spiritual elements that form part of the whole person and the demography of diverse populations.

  2. Primary care and Public health professionals should create and enhance local links and build relationships with each other and local stakeholders.

  3. Prevention programmes at all levels should be fully integrated within primary care.

  4. Create health care databases and identify new data sets, creating from these a consolidated information system a platform for sharing and displaying local population health data that could be used by communities.

  5. To create common research networks to foster and support the integration of primary care and public health to improve population health.

  6. To develop multidisciplinary educational programs developing the curriculum and clinical experience that ensures the integration of primary care and public health.

  7. That primary care should be delivered within the social and occupational network of each person, alongside the provision Social Care and recognized as being part of a complex adaptive system with many components that reciprocally influence one another.

loulou's comes to Venice: biennale d'arte 2015 pop up

Loulou's opened its doors for 10 days in Venice to mark the opening of the Biennale d'Arte 2015. Members and their guests from Marc Quinn and Jay Jopling to HRH Prince Amyn Aga Khan and Ozwald Boateng waited patiently to be allowed in, as Gianni Giraffe checked them into the space that was designed and built especially for the event. Over a dozen Loulou's staff had been flown over from London to deliver the style and service members have come to expect from the Mayfair club. From the Birley's go-to Maître D' Alfredo Crivilerri welcoming guests to their tables, to Head Barman Giuseppe Colucci who served up signature  Belvedere Cosmopolitans, delicious Spritz and Branca Americanos to boot.

Immersive Cult - a London based immersive production company who created the space for Loulou's - toured the Grand Canal with Gianni Giraffe who soon became the guest of honour about town, invading several parties and boats as well as inviting a select few glamorous guests to join him at the club later on. Behind the scenes, special events extraordinaire Federica Amati made sure everything ran smoothly and was on speed dial for all of the VIPs, as the revelers danced 'til close to Stuart Bevan's unique blend of music.


Federica directed the marketing and PR strategy, and event planning from inception to execution, for Bungalow 8 pop ups at: 

Venice Film Festival (2010, 11, 12, 13 & 14), Venice Art Biennale (2013), Toronto International Film Festival (2011, 12 & 13), Sundance (2014), Art Basel Miami (2014), Cannes Film Festival (2013 & 2014), London Fashion Week (2010, 11, 12 & 13) and The Oscars (2013).

Working with partners including CAA, The Weinstein Company & Worldview Entertainment and bringing sponsorship to life with Vogue Italia, LVMH, Grey Goose and other high profile brands.

stride foundation fundraiser for the amy winehouse foundation

We raised over £15,000 to help the Amy Winehouse Foundation and raise awareness of the stigma that addicts face. As a trustee of the Stride Foundation, fundraising and raising awareness is an ongoing commitment for Federica. This launch event was a personal success.

commercial marketing strategy for the launch of 'primal screen'

ITV brought together some of the foremost experts in digital philosophy and sociology to explore the power of television in the context of an evolving digital age. The project's presentation to market strategy was lead by Federica, along with ITV's creative, sales and events teams. To find out more, go to the website.

Social media & digital strategy for ldv hospitality

Before launching new brands and opening 4 new venues in 2013, LDV Hospitality entrusted Federica with the task of growing its social media reach and functionality to better understand their brands and their consumers. Launching LDV Hospitality's own twitter, instagram and Facebook pages, Federica established and grew brand identities for No.8, Rec Room, American Cut, Barchetta, The Regent Cocktail Club and LDV Hospitality. 

Furthermore, Federica worked on the website designs, putting together video reels for No.8 and implementing a new database and communications platform to keep all of the 50,000+ existing customers up to date and engaged. It was a great success and the company continues to grow with its fans.

No.8 Cafe Society bringing art, fashion and culture to nightlife.

ITV's Rugby World Cup Commercial Marketing Campaign : Ahead of the Game

Federica was the project manager for the marketing and stakeholder management to produce a compelling and on-brand RWC to market story for what will be the biggest event of 2015! 

bringing art to 16th st, nyc

Led by Federica, artists Jason Castro & Zac Buehner created a mural specifically for No.8 in NYC.

Made possible by Red Bull and with thanks to The Committee NY.